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Sustainable Business at its BEST!

The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles (SBC) is a non-profit organization which provides professional networking, mentoring, and educational forums to sustainable business professionals in Southern California. The organization's goal is to help members improve their operating efficiencies, profit margins, and staff productivity as they reduce the ecological impact of their products and services. It's an honor to serve a very committed and dedicated board of directors. Check back here to see the latest blog post by Molly Lavik. Thank you!

Natural Products Rule in Event Production!
February 22, 2017-By Molly Lavik

A lot of people have been asking me what the main ingredients are to produce a success natural product event. It's wonderful to have a purpose driven event and the event production needs are quite similar to any other event with the exception of having a major focus on healthy, natural products. Here's my top ten list for you:

1) Plant-based Food is GOOD for the Environment! When planning the menu explore the best in local fare-farm to table fresh! The green standard in sustainability is to go for a plant-based menu when possible. Sourcing the menu from plant-based food reduces the carbon foot print of growing and harvesting food. It's also been found in scientific studies that eating a plant-based diet is not just good for your waste line but also is great in reducing the need for vast quantities of water in agriculture. The soil that the plants are grown in is very key to the healthful qualities of the plant-based food you are selecting. The soils richest in nitrates and other minerals will yield the highest quality of harvested food items. Forge a relationship with your local farmer so they can alert you what is seasonally optimal for your menu.  

2) Fruits go FAR! Building off the plant-based focus of your cuisine once you have access to local fruits and that in season it's time to make the most of the Fruitopia of options. For example, if you are serving oranges and lemons use their skins for simmering up an "aromatherapy stew" of effervescent fresh smelling aromas! You can also use the seasonal fresh fruit slices to decorate and deliciously flavor ice-water displays. You can dry the fruit to make poporri's as gifts for the attendees that they will truly love and cherish. You can also "go to town" with cooking with the fruit. There is still nothing like an organic candy apple as a grand finale for a delicious, healthy meal! 

3) 360 degree Food Preparation! Nothing is more exhilariating or as enjoyable as watching chef's prepare the menu. Your guests will absolutely love the "pomp and circumstance" behind the food preparation! You may even want to consider providing sustainable food preparation workshops to compliment your event. 

4) Natural Materials for your Employee Uniforms RULE! Natural plant-based materials such as cloth made from hemp, cotton or other plant-based options is considerably more sustainable, comfortable and preferable by your staff for their uniforms if applicable. 

5) Print Sustainably Smart It's likely you will have to print out the menu's weekly or however often you need to. We recommend trying to go as paperless as possible. Once you get into the happen of not printing things out new and exciting printing options emerge as viable options. So ask your printer when you need to print something for an event what they recommend is the method you should use. There are remarkable digital printing options as well with soy-based ink/plant-based ink. 

6) Zero waste Rules the Day! Quite simply whatever anyone brings in they bring out from your event experience. Once people get the hang of this it becomes much easier to incorporate at your event. 

Questions on Sustainable Event Production? Please reach out to me for help.

With Extreme Gratitude,

Molly : )

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Showcasing the Latest Sustainable Trends at 
Natural Product Expo West 2016! 
By Molly Lavik

What an absolutely incredible show it has been! Here are 4 of the Facebook Live interviews I conducted!

Live from the Natural Products Expo Showroom Floor!

Molly Lavik Interview Eric Hanks executive from the company Earth Friendly Products which is one of the most sustainable manufacturers of natural products under the brand ECOS in the world! 
Watch this INTERVIEW!

Molly interviews Neal Gottlie, one of the founders of Three Twins Ice Cream! Watch this interview to see why "The Year of the Cone" on the floor of the Natural Products Expo show floor. Enjoy by viewing HERE!

Molly interviews Jeremiah McElwee the "Green God" at Natural Products Expo West 2016. 
Enjoy this interview HERE!

Molly talks with the people behind Purely Pinole about their natural product.
Enjoy this INTERVIEW!

Posted on February 19, 2016
And the SBC Giving Tree Award Goes To...!

Award season is upon us including at the Sustainable Business Council! It is with great excitement that I write about the SBC Industry Achievement Awards known as the #SBCAwards! This year we are honoring two incredible people from the Naturual Products industry. Before I announce who the honorees are a bit about the awards.

The 5th Annual #SBAwards will be taking place on Tuesday, April 19th to coincide with Earth Day Week! This year hundreds of Southern California based companies and the sustainably focused humanitarians that run them will be competing for the SBC Giving Tree Award Trophies!

SBC Giving Tree Award
SBC Giving Tree Trophy
is a Ming Aralia in a
solid Bamboo planter.

The awards reception and ceremony salutes and spotlights Southern California companies working daily to create sustainably focused products and services that reduce ecological impact.

This year's honorees are both from two prominent companies in the natural products industry. The honorees that will be making opening remarks at the 5th Annual #SBCAwards are:

David Bronner                Rose  Marcario

David Bronner               Rose Marcario
CEO                                President & CEO
Dr. Bronner's                 Patagonia, Inc.


One of the most sought-after judged awards is known as SBC's Sustainable Seedling Small Business Award and will be presented this year by:

Brian MacMahon 
Brian Mac Mahon
Expert DOJO

Last year all aspects of the natural products industry were covered in the applications for the seedling awards. Those interested in competing for one of the 2016 #SBCAwards can fill out applications by visiting:

More details about this year's #SBCAwards are available HERE.

December 4, 2015
#PlantBasedBiz on the Rise!

The Natural Products Industry is alive and well in Southern California! Yesterday the Sustainable Business Council hosted one of the most memorable events of my life titled, "SBC's #PlantBasedBiz." The evening was headlined by some of the greatest icons in the Natural Products industry that included to mention a few:

musician, activist

Rich Roll
Rich Roll
Rich Roll Podcast on iTunes
The Plantpower Way is now available everywhere
Finding Ultra is the name of my first book

Bob Goldberg
Bob Goldberg
CEO and founder
Follow Your Heart

And others. You can read all about this inspirational event that substantiates how the plant-based businesses are a significant part of the Natural Products industry by visiting HERE.

Last Year Look Back Feature!
SBC Blog Post:
From Zero-waste to Up on a Sustainable Roof!
March 4, 2015

It's hard to believe that the SBC has been creating sustainable business focused educational programs for over a decade. I became involved with this incredible non-profit a few months after it's inception and this has led to some of the most exciting moments of my career. Each month I'm going to focus on a business that is paving the way in sustainability. This month we feature Earth Friendly Products and the legendary sustainable business practices they have implemented. We had the honor of having an exclusive, "behind-the-scenes" tour and talk with this environmentally focused company at their Garden Grove location. 

As part of the SBC Membership we offer a special mentor program where on a regular basis we mentor sustainable businesses with a particular business challenge they have or a new product or service they wish to share with their peers. We were hosted by the extremely talented environmental humanitarian:

 Dr. Nadereh Afsharmanesh I Vice President of Sustainability and Education

Dr. Nadereh Afsharmanesh

Vice President of Sustainability and Education

Earth Friendly Products

This special tour and talk attended by the SBC members started off with an on-site business overview of
Earth Friendly Products Zero-Waste Program

SBC Member Mentor Session Attendees                    SBC Member Mentor Session

We learned a great deal about sustainable business practices that included the following:

Earth Friendly Products is the leader in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for household and commercial use with over 150 products manufactured, distributed, and sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia. All Earth Friendly Products are created with only replenishable and sustainable plant-based ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. The company proudly adheres to its strict "Freedom Code", a list of harmful and toxic ingredients that are not found in any its products. Earth Friendly Products has proudly received the 2010 GEELA Award for Sustainable Business Practices, 2009 Green Patriot and the Champion level recognition from the US EPA through the Design for the Environment (DfE) Program's Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative.

You can learn more about what Earth Friendly Products is doing for the environment by visiting 

Here are some photos from the remarkable tour and talk! Several of the members commented that this was the best SBC Member Mentor Session they had ever attended. We made outstanding business connections, learned insightful sustainable business practices and had fun at the same time!

Sustainable Business Council Tour and Talk           Nadereh and Patricia   
 Earth Friendly Products Rooftap Solar Panels  Mr. Van Vlahakis

I hope you can join us for the next tour and talk coming up in April! Details will be announced shortly. In the meantime please consider apply for this years SBC Industry Achievement Awards. To apply: