Allen Esrock

President, Preferred Partners Recruiting

Allen Esrock is the President of Preferred Partners Recruiting, a retained executive recruiting firm focused on working with the principals of small to medium sized businesses across a variety of industries including healthcare, digital economy, market research, construction and distribution.  For the past 15 years, his search methodology compelled business leaders to infuse their personal narrative within the company’s history in order to create synergies with recruiting candidates, customers and vendors.  In today’s marketplace, Business Storytelling, and the ability is create a personal brand, is a key skill set for the next generation of CEOs.

Prior to starting Preferred Partner, Mr. Esrock spent seven years as a consultant and entrepreneur at the forefront of the digital media revolution.  During this period, Mr. Esrock founded Jitter Fingers, a safe social networking site for tween girls and their best friends.  Common Sense Media, among others, praised the website as a “safe online social-networking environment for girls -- and follows through on the promise.”  Additionally, he helped establish Pericles Consulting, an online political advertising agency that was the first digital agency of record for the President of the United States’ reelection campaign.

Prior to his consulting career, Mr. Esrock spent seven years as the principal in charge of executive recruiting for the Larkin Group, a diverse professional services organization serving the new media community.  Larkin Group companies included Larkin Associates; LAWNMOWER, a networking company; and Origami New Media & Entertainment, a strategy and consulting company. 

Mr. Esrock began his career as a television comedy writer.  He graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in English Literature.